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Lawn Grading & Seeding Services in Saint Michaels, MD

With Saint Michaels' unique location situated between the Eastern Bay and the mouth of the Choptank River, many local businesses and residents require professional marine construction services from time to time, and you can rely on the skilled team at Tyler Contracting Co to deliver impressive results for all marine construction projects large and small. Whether you need a small repair project completed after a major storm, to renovate an existing marine structure or you are ready to build a new deck, dock or other structure on your waterfront property, we are up for the job.

Initially, our contracting team will inspect the property to determine if lawn grading services are needed. Ideally, the land will gently grade away from the property in an even fashion. If the land grades upward toward the building, is undulating or has rivets or bumps, grading services may be beneficial. After the grading issue has been resolved, we can provide professional lawn seeding service. Our seeding service includes thorough, even coverage across the entire space to ensure that there are no bare patches or areas that are over-seeded.
Lawn grading in Saint Michaels, MD
While lawn grading can easily improve the look of the property, it will take approximately one to two weeks for the effects of lawn seeding to be visible. Within this short period of time, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful lawn you are dreaming about and will no longer have to deal with issues related to flooding, pooling or dried out areas. If you are interested in our professional lawn grading or lawn seeding services, contact Tyler Contracting Co. for an appointment today.